Craft Study Centre photoshoot

It’s always lovely to my photographs used on customer’s websites – it’s a true sign of how much they value my work.

Thankfully the Craft Study Centre in Farnham are using some of my images online. So I can finally get to know more about the objects (I’m too busy thinking about lighting, composition, focus etc on the day). Here is just one of the objects photographed that day – a plate. A very shiny one at that – with lots of details on both faces. To find out more about this plate please visit the Craft Study Centre blog.

Dino’s Music video

A few weeks back, we got together to record this taster track and video.
Dino’s are a covers band playing classic rock from the 1980s and onwards with the emphasis on ‘big’ songs that will have an audience up on their feet. Check out the final result here.

MERL: 51 Voices project

It’s always interesting to learn about some of the items that I photograph.
In January, The Museum of English Rural Life embarked on a new year-long project, celebrating The MERL’s 70th anniversary through 51 new interpretations of MERL objects and archives: 51 Voices.
Below, we explore the first four of our 51 Voices, which are now available for you to see in our online exhibition!

Have a MERLy Christmas!

I made this little stop motion video for the Museum of English Rural Life: not bad for my first attempt at stop-motion and done in my living room. It’s made from 80 still frames then edited to show the stop motion effect as well as timed to the music. Some animated text later and it was complete.

The knitted reindeers are made my a volunteer at MERL but due to COVID I haven’t seen her in long time. It was therefore lovely to be able to show her in person at the beginning of December what I had made with her reindeers.

To all the volunteers especially during this festive time – have a MERLy Christmas!

If you go down to the woods today…

If you go down to the woods today… you may see another family having a fun photoshoot. Admittedly, it was like herding cats but we got a lot of really lovely shots of the boys having fun and being themselves.

This was a win-win-win situation. The family got a great set of images, I earned some income and 20% was donated to a charity of their choice.


Hidden Women Digital exhibition

Here is just one of ten short films about Hidden Women created for the Ure Museum, University of Reading: Annie Ure

This exhibition is a complement to the ‘Collectors, Curators and Cataloguers‘ workshop held on 12th June 2019. It highlights the histories of ten women who contributed to the Ure Museum in various ways. During their lifetime they held many roles, paid and unpaid.  The artefacts and archives were selected to represent the impact they made.

To see and read more, please visit their website: Hidden Women Digital

It was great working with staff and students alike. It also meant that I could combine my skills in one project: photography, recording and video editing. As such, I am another hidden woman in the history of the Ure museum.

Mocktail competition winner!

As it was dry January, a mocktail competition was held at L’Ortolan in Shinfield by Binary Botanical. It was a tough job but someone had to photograph it!

It completely blew my mind the amount of effort, science and attention to detail that everyone put into their mocktails. The criteria was to use low or no-alcohol ingredients (one of which had to be Binary Botanical 0.5%). So what is Binary Botanical? – it’s a table beer which you drink as an alternative to wine or it can be mixed. More information about their wine lover’s beer can be found on their website: Binary Botanical

Here are a few images of the event:

2019 Photo and Video Review

2019 Photo and Video Review : What an interesting and varied year for photo and video shoots. From photographing a wedding during a storm, the ‘IMAGINE if ‘ enterprise competition launched by entrepreneur and founder of Ella’s Kitchen, Paul Lindley OBE, Dementia Action Week event, an Ordination at St Giles’s Church, Reading, Henley Alumni Regatta, Monotype Ltd photoshoot, Reading’s Phoenix Choir 50th Anniversary Concert, video about Living with Fibromyalgia, Pack & Send Franchisee videos and Brittelstand 2019.

Many thanks to everyone who has been part of a video or photography shoot in 2019 – your participation is greatly appreciated and I hope to work with you again in 2020!

The YouTube video can be viewed here: Bennetto Photography 2019 review

Congratulations: Faith and Deji

Congratulations: Faith and Deji! Last year I did a proposal shoot in the grounds of the Abbey Ruins in Reading. I hadn’t met either of them before and had to identify them through an image sent by Deji and a text describing what he was wearing. Acting like a tourist, I appeared when he proposed and captured the happy event (she said yes).

Forward on a year and we did another shoot (this one was arranged) to celebrate their engagement.  They are getting married overseas next month. There was no better place than the University of Reading’s Harris Garden – peaceful, serene, idyllic and absolutely perfect.