Heads Together and Row

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Heads Together and Row team on the River Thames: Toby

Heads Together and Row team to row the Atlantic. The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge will see Heads Together and Row compete in an unsupported 3000 mile rowing race from San Sebastian in the Canary Islands to English Harbour, Antigua. To put the challenge into context: more people have climbed Everest or been into space than row the Atlantic!

The race is estimated to take between 40 and 90 days the crew will row in pairs in two hour shifts around the clock. The 24’ x 6’ boat carries all their equipment (and spares), food and a water maker turning sea water into drinking water.

It will not only be a huge personal challenge but they will be raising money for mental health charities. Dr Caroline Rook, Lecturer in Leadership at Henley Business School, will be working with them on a research study before, during and after the race, looking at individual and team resilience.

I was invited onto their boat on the River Thames. Happily I didn’t fall in, the camera and lens survived and I got some really interesting action shots. Having being on a very calm river I cannot imagine what facing 40 foot waves will be like. Good luck to the team!

More information can be found here: Heads Together and Row website and Henley Business School Heads Together and Row


Scott Marley from Science Theatre in action

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Scott Marley from Science Theatre

I recently photographed Scott Marley from the Science Theatre in action. Science Theatre create shows and workshops mixing stage performance with demonstrations to explain the most incredible ideas in science – in the most memorable way. He presented his Astronomical show in front of Year 9 school pupils visiting the University of Reading.

Scott studied astrophysics at The University of Manchester before joining the Bradford Robotic Telescope group at Bradford University to run their outreach program. It was a really interesting, interactive and informative show which everyone really enjoyed.

I initially was disappointed when all the room lights were switched off: great for adding atmosphere and continuing the space theme but not great for capturing engaging images. I was therefore delighted to get this image – a perfect profile shot for an astrophysicist!

Find out more information about the Science Theatre, their shows, pricing and contact details here: Science Theatre



Centre for Ageing Better staff photoshoot

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Centre for Ageing Better staff

I had a lovely time in London taking photographs of members of staff and the trustees of the Centre for Ageing Better. They are a charity who work to create a society in which everyone enjoys a good later life.

“We believe that more people living longer represents a huge opportunity for society. But changes are needed so more people enjoy good health, are financially secure, are socially connected and have a purpose in later life. We bring about change for people in later life today and for future generations. Practical solutions, research about what works best and people’s own insight are all sources that we draw on to help make this change”.

Centre for Ageing Better

To find out more about the charity, click here: Centre for Ageing Better


Object photography

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Sony headphones - blue

It’s been a while since I did some object photography so randomly picked my Sony headphones. I chose a black background as it highlights the sparkly blue colour really nicely (and it also goes well with my visual identity). I don’t mind spending time getting the right lighting, reflections etc but this one was pretty straightforward which is always a bonus.


Thames Valley Science Park opening

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Thames Valley Science Park Opening Ceremony - ribbon cutting

The University of Reading-owned Thames Valley Science Park opened its doors for business this week as tenants moved into the flagship ‘Gateway’ building.

The building is part of a £35 million investment in the Science Park and is the first to open. It provides 70,000 square foot of flexible office and laboratory space for around 20 technology-led companies ranging from early stage start-ups to global research and development centres. These include companies such as BioInteractions Limited, Covance, Sage People and Clasado BioSciences.

Bennetto Photography captured the opening ceremony and some of the amazing facilities.

For more information please visit the University of Reading and Reading Chronicle press releases.


Building Customer Loyalty event

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James Malone, VP of Worldwide Sales at Opsview

A group of business leaders joined the panel to share their experience of building customer loyalty and offered guidance on good and best practice, which SMEs could benefit by.

Jurek Sikorski, Executive Director of Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship, Henley Business School chaired the event. The panel consisted of Elizabetta Camilleri, CEO of Shopological, James Malone, VP of Worldwide Sales at Opsview and Sandra Sassow,CEO of SEaB Energy.

‘With competition never being greater than it is today, building customer loyalty is uppermost in the minds of business leaders, as well as sales and marketing professionals. Today’s customers have access to an enormous amount of information about your business and research shows that customers remain with companies who go above and beyond to create an outstanding customer experience. Since studies have shown that it costs between 5-10 times more to acquire a new customer than keep an existing one, outperforming your competition and succeeding in business depends upon having loyal customers. Building loyal customers should be a priority for every business leader.

Building customer loyalty is not easy and companies should not think that just because a customer comes back to buy it has achieved customer loyalty. Ultimately, customer loyalty is a measure of the success in retaining a long term relationship with the customer where the customer recommends the company to others and where the lifetime value of a customer is maximised’.

This was a really interesting, engaging and though-provoking event from the Henley Business School about building customer loyalty from different companies and perspectives. Here are just some of the event photographs:


T&L Conference: The Curriculum Framework at the University of Reading

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CQSD T&L Conference 6

I photographed the T&L Conference: The Curriculum Framework at the University of Reading on Wednesday 31st January. The keynote presentation was by Professor Tansy Jessop from Southampton Solent University. She talked about the capacity of assessment in transforming student learning and making teaching more exciting and rewarding.

There also were a number of workshops on a range of themes including: assessment and feedback, employability, globalisation, student engagement and inclusivity.

It was really lovely to see lots of familiar faces – many thanks to everyone who so willingly allowed me to photograph them. I think I have captured the spirit of the event with this small group of photographs.



UoR PG student profiles

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UoR PG student profile 1

I was back on familiar ground last month photographing post-graduate students at the University of Reading. They were a lovely group of people. Some were very nervous, having never been photographed in a studio by a professional photographer before. Whilst others were much more relaxed. However, I don’t think you will be able to differentiate the two groups from the final images. A lovely and relaxed time was had by all, a great set of images were produced and it was really good to catch-up with colleagues from the University.


One year project finished!

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The Daily Mirror royal stories

Last month I completed the photography of the John Lewis Printing Collection, held at MERL (the Museum of English Rural Life). I began the photography in December 2016 and finished it last month. Twenty thousand individual items mounted onto 1900 display sheets contained within 87 boxes – led to one year of photography.

A small number of items are on display currently at MERL but here is a brief description of the collection.

The collection consists of examples of printing, printing ephemera and advertisements, beginning with leaves from early printed books of the 1470s, through many aspects of decorative and commercial printing, down to specimens of fine printing from private presses and from the Royal College of Art, where both John Lewis and Berthold Wolpe lectured in the 1970s. It is grouped under 80 main headings and many of these are again subdivided. But here are just some of those catalogues.

Catalogues include:

Royal College of Art: c1950-
Photography: c1860-
Engraved & printed titles & dedications for atlases : c1500-
Royalty : c1800-
Politics : c1800-
War, soldiers : c1800-
Music : c1750-
Soap advertisements : 1880-1910

Not only were the items photographed, they were catalogued and importantly conserved – what a group effort!


New website design is here!

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New website image

I am pleased to announce that Bennetto Photography has a new website design. It’s been an amazing experience to redesign the website myself.

Some Mac testing and a couple of layout suggestions were made by Rachel Warner but everything else was me! Almost two years ago, I would never have been able to think about doing it far less actually undertake it. It just proves that if you really want something (whatever your age or creative abilities) – you can make it happen!