easyHotel Reading

easyHotel Reading

I photographed the new easyHotel in Reading recently. It’s on Caversham Road in Reading, so it’s really convenient for transport link and central Reading. As any ‘Easy’ service, it’s low cost, convenient and no-frills.

There are different room types to choose from, they even have two accessible rooms. For more information, visit their website at: easyHotel Reading

Here are a few of the images taken…

Photography Review 2017

Photography review 2017

Photography Review 2017 by Bennetto Photography captures many of the photoshoots from the year including the Cliveden Literary Festival, Vodafone Enterprise Conference, TSBE Electric Vehicle conference, Being Human Festival, Notcutts Annual Conference, portraits, objects, locations and more…

What a brilliantly varied and enjoyable year it has been. I am very grateful to all my clients for inviting me into their world in order for me to digitise it forever. I am very fortunate to have had so many exciting projects, unfortunately not all shoots have been added to the video, sorry if yours didn’t make it into the final cut. It’s not easy cutting down 12 months of work into 3 minutes and 36 seconds!

All photographs and video editing was by Bennetto Photography. Music by bensound.com

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_tN0tWDS4c[/embedyt]

Reading’s architecture in B&W

Reading Town Hall in extreme B&W

Here is an extreme black and white image of one of Reading’s most recognisable buildings. I was in between shoots so took a wander around town and shot this one – Reading Town Hall.

I am always surprised by how we all walk past buildings without noticing them. I was in a building on Friar Street, Reading and looked out onto a lovely scene. It was very modern building against a solid blue sky and the lighting was superb. It couldn’t get my bearings but once outside, I started to pay attention to the lighting and buildings that were around me. I took a number of shots, all in colour and then I converted them into extreme black and white images. The blue areas are almost completely black and this helps to transform the image to another level. One of the most productive 30 minutes of photography that I have ever done.

St Giles’ Church, Reading: images and insights

St Giles' Church Reading

I had such a lovely time photographing St Giles’ Church, Reading. I’ve had access to areas and artefacts never photographed before: inside the church steeple, the clock workings and above the bells to name a few. It’s been a real insight into a truly remarkable building, it’s people and it’s history.

St Giles’ was one of the three original parish churches, along with St Mary’s and St Laurence’s serving the medieval borough of Reading. Original parts of the church date back to the 12th century: Richard I (Richard the Lionheart) was the reigning monarch at the time. In 1539, John Eynon, the then priest of St Giles’, was found guilty of high treason and along with Hugh Cook Faringdon, the abbot of Reading Abbey, was hanged in front of the abbey gateway (reigning monarch at that time was Henry VIII).