Hidden Women Digital exhibition

Here is just one of ten short films about Hidden Women created for the Ure Museum, University of Reading: Annie Ure

This exhibition is a complement to the ‘Collectors, Curators and Cataloguers‘ workshop held on 12th June 2019. It highlights the histories of ten women who contributed to the Ure Museum in various ways. During their lifetime they held many roles, paid and unpaid.  The artefacts and archives were selected to represent the impact they made.

To see and read more, please visit their website: Hidden Women Digital

It was great working with staff and students alike. It also meant that I could combine my skills in one project: photography, recording and video editing. As such, I am another hidden woman in the history of the Ure museum.

Fashion photography

Rado-Hicks scarf 3

Sometimes you take a set of photographs and you never see them again – for a number of different reasons. However, sometimes, you know they will eventually be used (you just don’t know when) and this shoot fits into that category. I took them some time ago and the client has completed their website which is now live.

Rado-Hicks scarves are luxury hand-made Italian scarves. For more information please visit Andrea’s website: Rado-Hicks

Object photography

Sony headphones - blue

It’s been a while since I did some object photography so randomly picked my Sony headphones. I chose a black background as it highlights the sparkly blue colour really nicely (and it also goes well with my visual identity). I don’t mind spending time getting the right lighting, reflections etc but this one was pretty straightforward which is always a bonus.

One year project finished!

The Daily Mirror royal stories

Last month I completed the photography of the John Lewis Printing Collection, held at MERL (the Museum of English Rural Life). I began the photography in December 2016 and finished it last month. Twenty thousand individual items mounted onto 1900 display sheets contained within 87 boxes – led to one year of photography.

A small number of items are on display currently at MERL but here is a brief description of the collection.

The collection consists of examples of printing, printing ephemera and advertisements, beginning with leaves from early printed books of the 1470s, through many aspects of decorative and commercial printing, down to specimens of fine printing from private presses and from the Royal College of Art, where both John Lewis and Berthold Wolpe lectured in the 1970s. It is grouped under 80 main headings and many of these are again subdivided. But here are just some of those catalogues.

Catalogues include:

Royal College of Art: c1950-
Photography: c1860-
Engraved & printed titles & dedications for atlases : c1500-
Royalty : c1800-
Politics : c1800-
War, soldiers : c1800-
Music : c1750-
Soap advertisements : 1880-1910

Not only were the items photographed, they were catalogued and importantly conserved – what a group effort!

Photography Review 2017

Photography review 2017

Photography Review 2017 by Bennetto Photography captures many of the photoshoots from the year including the Cliveden Literary Festival, Vodafone Enterprise Conference, TSBE Electric Vehicle conference, Being Human Festival, Notcutts Annual Conference, portraits, objects, locations and more…

What a brilliantly varied and enjoyable year it has been. I am very grateful to all my clients for inviting me into their world in order for me to digitise it forever. I am very fortunate to have had so many exciting projects, unfortunately not all shoots have been added to the video, sorry if yours didn’t make it into the final cut. It’s not easy cutting down 12 months of work into 3 minutes and 36 seconds!

All photographs and video editing was by Bennetto Photography. Music by bensound.com

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_tN0tWDS4c[/embedyt]

Teddy bears and more

I’ve just completed an exciting project photographing old and antique objects in the studio.  They included an original 1930’s wooden Mickey Mouse, a three owls brooch, a lead bear, scent bottles, porcelain figurines and a teddy bear named Dill.

It was intricate and painstaking getting the right lighting, reflections, shadows, highlights on each item so tiny changes made massive differences in the results. However, I ended up with a brilliant set of images (if I do say so myself). You know you’ve been working too much on your own when you start talking to a teddy bear – don’t worry, Dill has been returned to his owner safely and I have returned to talking to myself!

St Giles’ Church, Reading: images and insights

St Giles' Church Reading

I had such a lovely time photographing St Giles’ Church, Reading. I’ve had access to areas and artefacts never photographed before: inside the church steeple, the clock workings and above the bells to name a few. It’s been a real insight into a truly remarkable building, it’s people and it’s history.

St Giles’ was one of the three original parish churches, along with St Mary’s and St Laurence’s serving the medieval borough of Reading. Original parts of the church date back to the 12th century: Richard I (Richard the Lionheart) was the reigning monarch at the time. In 1539, John Eynon, the then priest of St Giles’, was found guilty of high treason and along with Hugh Cook Faringdon, the abbot of Reading Abbey, was hanged in front of the abbey gateway (reigning monarch at that time was Henry VIII).

Rare prints found at the University of Reading

Bennetto Photography William Caxton print from the 1470s

As reported by the BBC, the University has found incredibly rare printed pages by William Caxton believed to date from the 1470s. The only other pages from this book known to be in existence are eight leaves held by the British Library. I photographed Erika Delbecque, special collections librarian at the University along with the 500 year old printed pages. It’s good to see the images on the BBC!

The pages will go on public display from 10 to 30 May at the Museum of English Rural Life at the University of Reading.


BBC article
To read the full BBC article online visit: BBC: Incredibly rare William Caxton prints found