If you go down to the woods today…

If you go down to the woods today… you may see another family having a fun photoshoot. Admittedly, it was like herding cats but we got a lot of really lovely shots of the boys having fun and being themselves.

This was a win-win-win situation. The family got a great set of images, I earned some income and 20% was donated to a charity of their choice.


Hidden Women Digital exhibition

Here is just one of ten short films about Hidden Women created for the Ure Museum, University of Reading: Annie Ure

This exhibition is a complement to the ‘Collectors, Curators and Cataloguers‘ workshop held on 12th June 2019. It highlights the histories of ten women who contributed to the Ure Museum in various ways. During their lifetime they held many roles, paid and unpaid.  The artefacts and archives were selected to represent the impact they made.

To see and read more, please visit their website: Hidden Women Digital

It was great working with staff and students alike. It also meant that I could combine my skills in one project: photography, recording and video editing. As such, I am another hidden woman in the history of the Ure museum.

Congratulations: Faith and Deji

Congratulations: Faith and Deji! Last year I did a proposal shoot in the grounds of the Abbey Ruins in Reading. I hadn’t met either of them before and had to identify them through an image sent by Deji and a text describing what he was wearing. Acting like a tourist, I appeared when he proposed and captured the happy event (she said yes).

Forward on a year and we did another shoot (this one was arranged) to celebrate their engagement.  They are getting married overseas next month. There was no better place than the University of Reading’s Harris Garden – peaceful, serene, idyllic and absolutely perfect.

Blandy & Blandy

Last year I was given the opportunity to photograph for Blandy & Blandy Solicitors, at their Reading office as well as client premises. The resulting images are on their website (delayed reaction on my part) which is always great to see. If you require a solicitor for personal, property or business purposes then take a look at their website here: Blandy & Blandy

Family Football Fun!

What a fun shoot this was! Lots of laughter and football (I’m not a sports photographer but these have come out pretty well). Topped off with tea and cake – what a difficult job I have!! Family photographs don’t need to be staged or formal – they can be full of action and fun.

The Shed Artist at work

The Shed Artist - Martin Andrews

The Shed Artist at work : the multi-talented Martin Andrews at work in his garden studio. What a real privilege to photograph such a humble man and exceptional artist. I have known Martin for many years but have only had glimpses into his art world. I am not only impressed by the range of work he produces but also by his down-to-earth approach.

Reading Phoenix Choir celebrates 50 golden years

Reading Phoenix Choir group photograph

The Reading Phoenix Choir celebrates 50 golden years. I photographed the choir beside the Reading Abbey Gateway and within the Abbey ruins. As their name suggests it was important to connect them with Reading and what better place than the ruins and gatehouse.

Over the years, Reading Phoenix Choir has raised over £300,000 in support of various charities. As well as a busy concert schedule, the choir participates in national and international competitions, BBC recordings, their own CD recordings, singing tours and run workshops with local schools to get young people excited and passionate about music. Take a look at their website for more information about their upcoming concerts: Reading Phoenix Choir

Here are a few of the images taken on the day:

Two different photographs from one location

max composite

One location can often provide more than one look to a photograph (even if the subject is the same – okay, with and without a jacket on). This was the case when I photographed Max recently. We went to the Showcase Cinema in Winnersh and took these two shots under the flyover. And they couldn’t be more different.

Now – can you guess who he looks like?

Heads Together and Row

Heads Together and Row team on the River Thames: Toby

Heads Together and Row team to row the Atlantic. The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge will see Heads Together and Row compete in an unsupported 3000 mile rowing race from San Sebastian in the Canary Islands to English Harbour, Antigua. To put the challenge into context: more people have climbed Everest or been into space than row the Atlantic!

The race is estimated to take between 40 and 90 days the crew will row in pairs in two hour shifts around the clock. The 24’ x 6’ boat carries all their equipment (and spares), food and a water maker turning sea water into drinking water.

It will not only be a huge personal challenge but they will be raising money for mental health charities. Dr Caroline Rook, Lecturer in Leadership at Henley Business School, will be working with them on a research study before, during and after the race, looking at individual and team resilience.

I was invited onto their boat on the River Thames. Happily I didn’t fall in, the camera and lens survived and I got some really interesting action shots. Having being on a very calm river I cannot imagine what facing 40 foot waves will be like. Good luck to the team!

More information can be found here: Heads Together and Row website and Henley Business School Heads Together and Row